Simple Activity Monitoring on a Single Portal

A Single Pane for Everything Swimage

Swimage’s patented automated processes make endpoint management simple and efficient, while still being highly customizable for your company’s environment. Our differentiators include the ability to maintain encryption during imaging, snapshot and rollback capabilities, remote deployment, and compliance enforcement.

Through the Swimage Portal you may do the following:

  • Monitor PC health
  • Enforce compliance
  • Deploy PCs
  • Mass-provision devices
  • Create custom images
  • Create configuration templates
  • Sync to SCCM and Ivanti applications
  • Create configuration and application rules
  • Import hardware drivers
  • Confirm remote deployment builds
  • Create and manage WinPE images
  • Create offline deployment methods
  • Repair any PC issue
  • Migrate domains
  • Recover from malware
  • Monitor all deployments
  • Take action on any PC issue