Swimage Monthly Newsletter – December 2021

Advance Modern Desktop Management

Swimage automation advances modern PC lifecycle
management processes while also reducing operational costs.
Swimage can leverage and enhance the power of Microsoft
Autopilot and Config Manager, or it can run completely standalone. With Swimage, businesses of all sizes can automate
their PC management workflow and improve performance
significantly. The key benefits of automating your PC lifecycle
management with Swimage are as follows:
• Reduce user downtime by 80%
• Reduce shipping costs by 90%
• Reduce support costs by 95%
• Increase imaging throughput by 650%
• Improve accuracy and consistency
• Enhance user experiences

Windows 11 – The Start of a New Era

Microsoft has released Windows 11. You will notice some significant changes; however, you’ll also
be happy there are still some constants that make Windows solid. Windows 11 is just the next step
in the continuous Windows upgrade cycle.

Windows 11 has some great new features that will make adoption appealing, and Swimage will
make your Windows 11 adoption a non-event, even if you’re starting from Windows 7,8, or any
version of 10.

Migrating can be expensive when not using the correct tools. Swimage utilizes the modern
approach to assist with your upgrade to Windows 11. Unlike other processes, Swimage can
upgrade the systems while also cleaning up the device. When complete, the PC has all applications,
data, settings, and personality. However, Swimage purges all unwanted bloatware, malware,
adware, and any undesired application.

Swimage will simplify and expedite your upcoming Windows 11 OS update with complete security
and flexibility.

Reevaluate PC Management Efficiencies

Swimage is built on the philosophy that with an ironclad workflow and intelligent automation,
very complex operations can be effortless. No matter the scenario for managing the PC, all OS
changes, additions, or replacements can be streamlined with Swimage. This includes:

• Upgrade the operating systems
• Standardize the environment
• Migrate to a new domain
• Change the encryption
• Repair Windows/ Remove Malware/ Replace a PC