Encryption Challenges

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Securely Changing Data Encryption

Over the last few years, a shift has occurred in data encryption technology.

A fairly recent example is Dell Data Security (Dell DDPE)products, which are moving toward end of life. The sale of Dell Encryption products to new commercial customers ended September 2, 2022. As of January 31, 2023, existing customers were required to purchase new 1-year licenses, renew existing licenses for 1 year, or purchase additional licenses to co-term with existing installed multi-year licenses. Eventually, organizations must adopt another encryption technology.

In order to change the data encryption on a PC, traditional methods dictate decrypting the data on the PC and then re-encrypting it with the new encryption technology. This is labor-intensive and time-consuming (i.e., expensive), and leaves data exposed in the interim period, which is a security risk. These issues are compounded with a remote workforce.

However, there is a better way.

The Swimage Encryption Converter automatically, reliably, and securely migrates a PC’s full disk encryption from one type of encryption to another. It accomplishes this without reimaging the PC, without moving data off the PC, and while keeping all of the data securely encrypted throughout the entire process. During the conversion, the PC is locked with proprietary Swimage SplashLock security, which prevents unauthorized users from interrupting the process until it’s complete.

The patented Swimage Encryption Converter is built upon an intelligent and sophisticated workflow engine, which includes a self-healing function to ensure success. In addition to Swimage SplashLock security, a double layer of encryption may be added to protect the data. Other features include real-status monitoring, logs, and scheduled reporting.

With full automation, the Swimage Encryption Converter minimizes the cost, risk, challenge, and burden of changing data encryption. It is especially useful for any organization which is concerned about security, including financial, healthcare, government, etc.

To learn more about how the Swimage Encryption Converter works, read case studies, and/or watch a demo, visit Swimage Encryption Converter.