Swimage Monthly Newsletter – January 2022

Enhancing Remote PC Support

Swimage Attune, the latest feature of Swimage, addresses all
of the challenges keeping the PC for the remote worker healthy
and functional. As we know, the remote workforce is here to
stay. Because of this, managing these remote devices has
become more complex and more expensive than ever before.

Swimage Attune was created to make the management of
remote PCs easy and low-cost, without sacrificing the quality of

With Swimage Attune, you will be able to do many of the
traditional management tasks as if the device is on premise,
but even better. Even with the furthest to reach PCs you can:

• Monitor the overall PC health
• Resolve PC issues rapidly
• Minimize the need to replace hardware
• Create and deploy custom images, if desired
• Maintain full and detailed control over every
individual PC’s setting and configuration
• Manage and protect all employee data,
regardless of the storage location, even if it’s
not stored in the common profile folders or in
• Recover and restore all PC personalities and
profiles, including customization, shortcuts,
and Office settings
• Detect and install and applications from any
type of installation source
• Allow self-service PC repair for any type of
• Increase the overall performance of the device
• Fully recover a system from malware, BSOD,
or other major issues, in under an hour
• Never decrypt the PC, regardless of the
encryption type

Swimage Attune is designed to specifically address remote PC issues and will allow for a better,
more secure, and more resilient way to manage the remote worker. Additionally, the Swimage
Attune benefits can apply to any device globally, on premise and off, to allow any IT department a
more cost-effective way to manage their end-points.

Swimage Attune will enhance your existing processes, including Microsoft EPM or other tools, or it
can run completely standalone. Depending on your needs, Swimage can be tuned to run on
premise, through a private cloud, or on a hosted cloud.

Benefits of Swimage Attune

Swimage Attune provides the following benefits for your PC endpoints, no matter where they are
• Continually maintain PC health
• Centralized cloud management console
• Provide complete PC rebuilds for any PC, regardless of location
• Recover from malware or system failure in under an 1 hour
• Download and maintain customized recovery space
• Enhance Microsoft EPM to maintain any local data and applications
• Allow remote systems to join either the on-premise domains or Azure
• Customize your image in just a few minutes
• Allow for granular control of all device settings through templated definitions

Extraordinary Results

Swimage Attune provides extraordinary results, including:
• Complete set up in a few hours
• Improve PC performance by 30% over the life of the PC
• Reduce user downtime on each incident by 80%
• Extend hardware life by 20%
• Prevent any loss of user data and information


Swimage Attune can be implemented in just a few hours, meaning that there is little investment
required before you achieve the immediate benefits from the solution. Swimage Attune provides
these benefits by combining our proprietary method for content distribution with our decades of PC
management expertise. All PC management components are defined from a single, easy-to-use web
portal. From there devices are configured, provisioned, and maintained with ease.

The Swimage portal provides a simple approach to do any of the following functions:

• Provide asset inventory and status for all of your PCs in any location
• Integrate with your existing Microsoft EPM, SCCM, or Ivanti environment
• Store all of your software application packages
• Import application information from SCCM
• Import drivers from existing driver packs or from live PCs
• Import OS source and configuration
• Define specific data and settings migration rules
• Create image customization templates
• Build and sysprep custom images
• Create, customize, and maintain the Swimage agent
• Create custom actions, scripts, and micro programs
• Create configuration templates based on user roles or functions
• Maintain all Windows standard apps and features
• Mass import any configuration item or PC groups
• Integrate with OEM vendor provisioning processes
• Target and distribution configuration and deployment content to any resource
server, SCCM DP, or endpoint
• Schedule a remote deployment task to any endpoint
• Run reports on PC health, configuration, or status

Swimage also has client-side functionality that allows for most tasks to be handled with ease by the
end user, including:

• Run health checks, self-diagnostics, and repairs
• Reimage or rebuild the system when needed
• Replace PC with a new system, including data and application migration

Additional Swimage Features

Other important features of Swimage, not available in any other tool includes:

• Keep all data encrypted, regardless of the encryption vendor
• Retain, migrate, and restore all local data and all settings, regardless of where is it
stored on the device
• Perform a complete drive snapshot for complete data protection
• Automatically connect to corporate domain if needed for on-premise domain join
• Capable of running completely offline with no Internet

In summary, with the rich features of Swimage Attune, PC management for even the hardest to reach
device does not need to be a challenge. The process for management is much easier for the tech,
plus the user experience is improved. Higher productivity, fewer challenges, and reduced costs