Swimage Monthly Newsletter

Top 10 Best IT Practices

Over the last 25 years, Swimage has helped IT departments effectively and efficiently protect business continuity . Based on our experiences, we have compiled the Top 10 Best IT Practices, which are:

  1. Prevent cyber attacks
    Utilize cybersecurity software and practices to detect and prevent cyberthreats. If one is detected, Swimage can be triggered automatically to recover the system in less than an hour.
  1. Ensure business continuity
    Don’t put your business at risk by assuming your organization’s antivirus software is impenetrable. Malware or ransomware can bring down an entire organization. Let Swimage be your recovery insurance policy against these cyberthreats.
  1. Maintain encryption
    Don’t allow your data to be exposed at any time, including before, during, and after migrations. Use Swimage’s patented software to migrate your PCs without decrypting the data. Swimage may even be used to convert your encryption type.
  1. Support remote workforce
    The remote and hybrid workforce is here to stay. Swimage can be used for PC lifecycle maintenance in the office or remotely. Self-service options are quick and easy and aren’t Internet intensive.
  1. Control costs
    Extend the life of your PCs by Swimaging them routinely to improve performance. Eliminate the cost of shipping loaner PCs to your remote employees. Instead, use Swimage to repair any operating system issue. Employees can even transfer their own data to new PCs easily.
  1. Reduce downtime
    Reduce employee downtime for operating system repairs. Also reduce employee time lost waiting for loaner PCs. Use Swimage for self-service operating system repairs, including improving the performance of sluggish PCs.
  1. Improve PC user experience
    Employees are much happier when their PCs are functioning properly. Swimage keeps PCs running smoothly and efficiently. When OS problems occur, Swimage may be triggered automatically, remotely, or via self-service.
  1. Control data, identity, and applications
    Placing all of your data, identity, and applications in the hands of others is risky and may become expensive. Swimage allows you to maintain control of your information and also protect local data.
  1. Efficient resource usage
    Qualified IT staff is in short supply today. Swimage automation allows your resources to operate more efficiently and effectively. Instead of spending time on mundane tasks and excessive help desk support, allow your staff to focus on more important tasks.
  1. Fast, consistent PC builds
    System maintenance is difficult with inconsistent PC builds. Manually building PCs is inherently inconsistent and very slow. Swimage automation is always consistent, while allowing flexibility for different departments and job responsibilities. One tech can build a hundred PCs per day, instead of just a few. With self-service, thousands of PCs can be built in a day.

Use Case Spotlight:
Malware and Ransomware Recovery

Each month we will shine the spotlight on one of Swimage’s many use cases.  This month we are highlighting malware and ransomware recovery.

Cybersecurity is a top priority of all organizations today. Prevention of cyberattacks is essential. What happens if malware or ransomware gets through the line of defense? That’s when the incident response plan kicks in. Quickly and safely restoring functionality is key to business continuity.

Swimage is the perfect security stack component for recovery from malware or ransomware. Let Swimage be your insurance policy against these cyberthreats.

Malware Recovery

Malware can infiltrate a system, making it difficult to remove. Swimage can be triggered manually, remotely, or by your cybersecurity software. Swimage rebuilds a PC from scratch, from a known good source, in minutes. The result is a clean system, with all approved applications, data, and settings in place. This enables the employee to return to work immediately following the rebuild.

Better yet, Swimage may be run on many systems at a time because it does not cause a bottleneck on the office network. It’s also a perfect solution for your remote employees because it doesn’t require the PC to be at the office and doesn’t require a high-bandwidth Internet connection. This saves time and shipping costs.

Another benefit is Swimage’s snapshot feature, which enables techs to perform forensics offline, without affecting the productivity of the employee.

Ransomware Recovery

Ransomware can quickly bring down an entire organization. Data is critical and must be protected and recovered. Swimage rebuilds a PC from scratch, from a known good source, in minutes. Data may be restored from your existing backup, or utilizing the backup capabilities included in Swimage + Tranxition Ransomware Recovery. Swimage’s data restoration process takes minutes to complete.

Instead of paying ransom or taking days to weeks to restore data, all of the PCs in your organization can be up and running in minutes. The clean system rebuild will also eliminate any harmful code which could infect the PCs again.

To learn more, visit https://www.swimage.com/solutions/ransomwarerecovery/ or email us at info@Swimage.com.

Innovation Spotlight:
Offline Deployment

We love to share the news about our innovations.  This month we are highlighting offline deployment.

Imagine this: You are sitting in an airplane, on the way to one of the most important presentations of your life. You are putting the finishing touches on your presentation when you see the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)! What do you do? Scream? Cry?

If you have Swimage installed on your PC, the answer is easy. You Swimage it. Yes, Swimage can repair a BSOD and any other operating system issue, even offline.

Over the last 25 years, we have encountered every PC challenge and have develop methods to remediate them. Put our years of development to work for your organization.

To learn more, visit https://www.swimage.com/offlinedeployment or contact us at info@Swimage.com.