Encryption Converter Benefits

With full automation, the Swimage Encryption Converter minimizes the cost, risk, challenge, and burden of changing data encryption. It is especially useful for any organization which is concerned about security, including financial, healthcare, government, etc.

Fully Automated

Regardless of the starting point of any PC, the Swimage Encryption Converter knows exactly what it needs to do to convert the encryption. The process is fully automated.

  • No interaction required
    • SCCM package
    • AD policy push
    • User-initiated

High Security

When security is very high, an added step of “double encryption” can be applied that will ensure that no data is ever left exposed.

The Swimage Encryption Converter utilizes Swimage Splashlock security in order to prevent unauthorized user interruption.

  • Multi-layered encryption
  • Lock system during conversion

Minimal Expense

Swimage provides an extremely efficient and secure process for encryption conversion that significantly saves on resource costs, time and expense.

  • Minimize tech hours
  • Minimize support cost
  • Accelerate the conversion

User Experience

The Swimage Encryption Converter provides simplification and significantly reduces user downtime.

  • Minimal Interruption
  • Can be completed after hours
  • Can be completed without touching the device

Minimize Risk

The Swimage Encryption Converter has a built in self-healing function to ensure that the process is always running and always healthy.

Several reporting engines are also enabled to ensure that the status of any given PC is never left in the dark.

  • Built-in resiliency
  • Real-time reporting
  • Auto-repair