Swimage + Tranxition >> Advanced Personality Migration

• Are you tired of dealing with USMT configuration challenges?
• Do you feel that USMT misses the mark for migrating user profiles?

Solving this problem is why Swimage and Tranxition has combined technologies to create the perfect PC Migration solution. Swimage is the best tool on the market to rapidly build a PC specific to the user’s requirements, and Tranxition is the best tool on the market to migrate the user’s profile, data, and personality.

The combined solution, Swimage + Tranxition enables full system migrations (including OS, application, settings, and data) in minutes.

The average cost of PC replacements using traditional migration methods range anywhere from $200 to $800 per incident. The contribution to the expense includes the cost of labor, shipping, and time associated to migrating the PC. When using Swimage + Transition for the migration, this time can be cut to under an hour and can be handled entirely self service.

ransomware recovery

Secure Your Organization

Swimage + Tranxition Ransomware Recovery is designed to be preemptively installed to secure your systems and data in the unfortunate event of a malware/ransomware attack.

Swimage + Tranxition Ransomware Recovery features:

  • Full automation
  • Full security (local, server, or cloud)
  • Deep data/profile backup and migration with “point-in-time” recovery
  • Customized trigger responses for ransomware/malware detection
  • Zero-touch system rebuild with nearly full user recovery in minutes
  • Full capabilities of Swimage’s PC lifecycle management use cases, such as OS repairs, PC replacement, bare metal builds, self-service, and domain migrations
  • Subscription pricing with volume discounts

Companies are being forced to pay thousands or millions in ransom demands. They often have no way to recover systems unless they pay the ransom. With Swimage+Tranxition Ransomware Recovery, systems are rebuilt and restored to full functionality, usually within an hour; all data is restored and all traces of malware are completely eliminated. Most importantly, there is little to no business interruption and perhaps millions of dollars saved.

—Kyle Haroldsen, CEO of Swimage

The solution enables two best-of-breed solutions in system deployment and user profile management to come together to address a real, serious problem. In addition to that, customers may take advantage of the rich feature sets, reliability, and depth of both solutions for cyber events as well as refresh and deployment projects.

—Kelly Mackin, CEO of Tranxition

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