Planning for Windows 11

What’s Your Plan?

Microsoft has announced plans to release Windows 11 later this year. Not surprisingly, Windows 10 was not the last version of Windows after all. OS updates are a continuous cycle, and Windows 11 is no exception.

There is good news. Windows 11 has some great new features that will make adoption appealing, and Swimage is ready to make the transition a virtual non-event.

With Swimage automation for PC lifecycle management, you never need to worry about an OS transition again. With no scripting and no change in process, Swimage will not only upgrade your OS, it will remove unwanted applications and bloat, restore all of your applications, and retain all of your settings and data, regardless of where the data is stored.

Here’s how Swimage automation optimizes PC lifecycle workflows:

  • Swimage modernizes every aspect of the PC lifecycle, from rollout to retirement. Swimage provides complete zero-touch automation with total resiliency while maintaining all information and security. Swimage restores all functionality, including applications, settings, and data in about an hour, even for the hardest to reach remote user.
  • With the Swimage recovery cache, a PC can be fully recovered at any moment, without compromising security and with no Internet required.
  • Common use cases include OS upgrades, new PC provisioning, OS repairs, migrations, and PC replacements. Swimage automation eliminates repetitive tasks and makes any Windows deployment process seamless.
  • Swimage will simplify and expedite your upcoming Windows 11 OS update with complete security and flexibility.

These powerful and unique Swimage differentiators make endpoint management simple & efficient:

Offline Deployment Method

Eliminate concerns surrounding employees with poor or no network connection during deployment processes.

Local Recovery Cache

Securely retain an updated version of all recovery bits on the local drive so that any future update or repair can occur at a moment’s notice without any network requirement.

Encryption Handler

Never worry about data loss again.

Data Protect Snapshot

Never worry about data loss again.

Data Protect Rollback

Gain a reliable safety net during migrations.

Remote Connection Manager

Provide users with the ability to deploy from anywhere.

Pre-Deployment Validator

Auto-validate pre-deployment task completion before beginning a migration.


Keep the PC locked & secure throughout entire migration process.

Driver Interrogator

Auto-organize and import drivers.

Provisioning Engine

Gain efficiency, flexibility, and simplicity in defining how a PC will be deployed.

Direct Data Transfer

Auto-transfer all user data and settings directly from one PC to another in record time.

Realtime Dashboard

Access a single, centralized web console for all active deployments as they occur.

Deployment Activity Report

Receive detailed information, including success criteria.

Swimage Web Portal

Manage and configure Swimage with flexibility on a single portal, which can be installed on premise, on a private cloud, or on a public cloud.