Swimage Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to Our New CRO

Swimage is thrilled to announce and welcome Ron Weiland as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Ron will drive revenue, manage and execute Swimage sales strategy and marketing, as well as build and manage the sales team. Kyle Haroldsen, Swimage CEO, says, “We are excited to have Ron join the executive team. We are confident that he will take our phenomenal SaaS products to the next level.”

Ron has over thirty years’ experience across sales, customer service, marketing, project management, forecasting, product management, and planning and analysis. Prior to joining
Swimage, Ron was the SVP of Sales for Xenesis, an aerospace company that is developing a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) all optical satellite constellation. At OAG, a SaaS and big data company in the aviation industry, Ron was the VP of Sales for the Americas.

Prior to this, he held numerous sales, strategy, and analysis positions during his tenure at United Airlines. Ron also spent time living abroad as an expat in London, England where he was the Head of Commercial and Head of Offline Sales for the Atlantic Division. Ron has been a member of Senior/Executive Leadership Teams with three companies and was the founder of a Real Estate Development company.

Ron graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Marketing and lives in Wilmette, IL with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys travelling, going to the beach with his family, and playing paddle.

Cheers to Ron, welcome to the Swimage team!

Use Case Spotlight:
Expediting Remote PC Recovery

Each month we will shine the spotlight on one of Swimage’s many use cases.  This month we are highlighting recovering a remote PC.

Last week I was stranded in Las Vegas when my flight was cancelled. I grabbed a hotel and began chatting with a gentleman in the hotel lobby while waiting for my room. He was in the same position I was, stuck and trying to get home. It turns out he was flying back from a business trip and was telling me his woes about the challenges he was having with his current company. Sadly, he felt that his entire trip was hindered because his laptop was constantly crashing, connection on the road was extremely limited, and he felt that his Tech support-desk was entirely useless. This of course spawned my curiosity since I have spent so much time in my career trying to solve this exact issue, so I asked how his company will get him working again once he gets back to his office.

Like many, he works from home. This complicates the problem significantly. To repair the PC, he must follow these procedures:

  • Place a ticket with the support desk
  • Back up local data
  • Record applications that are installed
  • Wait to receive the PC (at least 1-2 weeks)
  • Pack up and ship the old PC back
  • Wait for PC to load the base image
  • Wait for policies and apps to load
  • Restore data
  • Reinstall missing applications
  • Reconfigure settings

I’ve had similar conversations with many employees of various businesses and the same pattern is common. Working from home clearly makes PC issues even more frustrating. What was once a few hours to maybe a few days, is now days and possibly weeks for a full recovery. The mere thought of having to go through this as a remote employee is a nightmare, especially if work deadlines are looming. A frustrated employee can lose faith in the company’s ability to properly manage the issue, which in turn will compound the lowered productivity.

Swimage exists to solve these kinds of problems. We have conducted a lot of research and discovered that automation, combined with refined tools and processes will make all the difference. With Swimage automation, a company can save up to 97% in expenses and lost productivity for a remote worker!

This savings is a direct result of an improved process with the correct automation tool. Swimage, with its built-in artificial intelligence and automation, eliminates the vast majority of the tasks in the traditional PC support model. By doing so, the overall burden to the company is nearly completely eliminated. It also makes for a very pleased and productive employee, with little to no involvement of the IT staff in the process to recover a system.

For more information, you may see the full blog at: https://www.swimage.com/process-automation-is-essential-for-the-remote-worker/

Innovation Spotlight:
Keeping the PC Healthy with Swimage Attune

We love to share the news about our innovations.  This month we are highlighting how Swimage Attune can keep a PC healthy.

Swimage Attune addresses all of the challenges keeping the PC for the remote worker healthy and functional. As we know, the remote workforce is here to stay. Because of this, managing these remote devices has become more complex and more expensive than ever before. Swimage Attune was created to make the management of remote PCs easy and low-cost, without sacrificing the quality of service.

With Swimage Attune, you will be able to do many of the traditional management tasks as if the device is on premise, but even better. Even with the furthest to reach PCs you can:

  • Monitor the overall PC health via our intuitive dashboard
  • Resolve PC issues rapidly
  • Minimize the need to replace hardware
  • Create and deploy custom images, if desired
  • Maintain full and detailed control over every individual PC’s setting and configuration
  • Manage and protect all employee data, regardless of the storage location, even if it’s not stored in the common profile folders or in OneDrive
  • Recover and restore all PC personalities and profiles, including customization, shortcuts, and Office settings
  • Detect and install all applications from any type of installation source
  • Allow self-service PC repair for any type of issue
  • Increase the overall performance of the device
  • Fully recover a system from malware, BSOD, or other major issues, in minutes
  • Never decrypt the PC, regardless of the encryption type

Swimage Attune is designed to specifically address remote PC issues and will allow for a better, more secure, and more resilient way to manage the remote worker. Additionally, the Swimage Attune benefits can apply to any device globally, on premise and off, to allow any IT department a more cost-effective way to manage their endpoints.