Boosting IT Efficiency in a Remote Workforce

Through various automated solutions, Swimage provides tools necessary to help organizations strategize remote workforce productivity and efficiency standards.

Working remotely from home also comes with its challenges. Remote workforces would be happier and more productive if they weren’t at risk of numerous PC challenges. One of the most challenging things about working remotely is dealing with technical difficulties.

If your computer is not working properly and you are unable to quickly get back to completing job duties, it can become stressful. With Swimage, remote workforces are provided with the tools and resources to self-service various common challenges.

These solutions include the following: OS repairs, PC replacements/ migrations, data/application transfers, auto-enabled remote connection, and more.

Swimage remote & self-service deployments provide the following long-term benefits:
– Eliminates shipping PCs just for reimaging
– Self-service options for OS repairs/OS upgrades
– Allows remote workers to “self-migrate” in place or PC replacements
– Allows for OS Migrations from anywhere, even completely outside the domain