Enabling Remote Workers through Self-Service

What are the most common problems that remote employees are up against?

  • Technical limitations
  • Productivity restraints stemmed from technology problems
  • IT teams experiencing a huge surge in tickets filed for various work-from-home issues
  • Wasting time, energy, & costs with technology

Swimage recognizes that employee self-service is a must-have for remote employees and has really made a difference for remote workforces. Rapid, simple, single-click solutions have been enabled for various PC lifecycle use cases.

With zero-touch automation, users have the ability to schedule an overnight solution, or complete it during break/lunch – all while keeping the PC fully encrypted. The need to ship PCs or the potential nightmare of losing data and productivity is a non-issue with Swimage.

Phenomenal User Experience

Swimage enterprise automation solutions provide efficiency for support techs and end users, allowing both groups to save time and effort on PC maintenance and migrations.

Swimage solutions also offers 100% process resiliency – providing the trust that any use case implemented will never fail, resulting in extraordinary experiences. The Swimage conductor is the engine that drives automation and is unbreakable.

  • Rapid self-service options for OS repairs/OS upgrades
  • Eliminates shipping PCs for reimaging and/or OS repairs
  • Allows remote workers to “self-migrate” in place or PC replacements, without technician involvement
  • Allows for OS Migrations from anywhere, even completely outside the domain

Empower Remote Productivity

Swimage prioritizes efficiency and user productivity by enabling self-service capabilities for remote workforces – no matter how remote. Swimage unlocks capabilities for OS repairs, OS upgrades, migrations, and more. Remote users are enabled to provide rapid and reliable solutions via self-service instead of relying on helpdesk support for resolution of various common PC challenges. Most importantly, remote workforce experiences are consistently extraordinary.

Overall process quality and speed is drastically enhanced through rapid and reliable intelligent automation technology. Increased production outputs are the result of Swimage automation. PC issues that commonly result in productivity downtime are drastically reduced. Additional advantages include higher employee productivity rates, more efficient use of IT support time, improved resiliency, and shorter support labor trends.

  • Simplified setup and provisioning
  • Touchless, fearless and accelerated migration/deployment processes
  • Ability to initiate various solutions with a single touch
  • Completed remote solutions in approximately 1-2 hours

Whether the user is remote or on-premise, Swimage creates huge positive impact.