Swimage Monthly Newsletter

What Makes Swimage Unique?

Swimage is the most robust PC deployment, migration, and OS recovery solution on the market. With over 25 years of innovation behind Swimage, our patented process is more efficient, resilient, secure, cost-effective, and complete than any other solution.

What makes Swimage unique? ONLY Swimage can:

  • Provide 100% end-to-end automation
    • Deployment completed in minutes and restores full functionality on first login
  • Rebuild a PC in minutes
    • No network required, and when desired, self-service by the user
  • Snapshot the full disk
    • Protect the entire file system prior to migration
  • Rapidly rollback a system
    • Revert to the previous OS in less than 2 minutes when required
  • Maintain encryption
    • Keep data intact and encrypted while deploying, migrating, or recovering any PC, regardless of the encryption type
  • Convert encryption
    • Convert from one encryption provider to another without ever decrypting the device
  • Migrate domains
    • Includes Azure AD, while keeping the PC secure and encrypted
  • Restore all company PCs in parallel
    • Ensure business continuity in the event of a ransomware or malware attack; rebuild the entire OS and restore all data for thousands of PCs simultaneously in minutes

Swimage has efficiently managed millions of endpoints across 85 countries around the world. Swimage is the preferred solution used by many Fortune 100 companies, midmarket, and government agencies. Our ultra-low-cost software saves on average over $650 per PC, per year.

Swimage is easily installed in under four hours and can integrate with any existing tools or run stand-alone.

To learn more, visit https://www.swimage.com or email us at info@Swimage.com.

Use Case Spotlight:
Domain Migrations

Each month we will shine the spotlight on one of Swimage’s many use cases.  This month we are focusing on domain migrations.

Imagine being able to manage all your domain migrations seamlessly, with minimal effort and setup. Swimage removes the risk and allows you to migrate hundreds or thousands of systems a day with ease – no matter the location of the devices or how they’re being managed. Swimage’s patented software can be used as a stand-alone or seamlessly integrate into your existing endpoint management solution. We install and have it up and running in as little as four hours.

Swimage will:

  • Migrate a profile from one domain to another. No domain trust is needed.
  • Apply the new corporate standard image.
  • Fully patch the system.
  • Map all old applications and reinstall the equivalent new application.
  • Automatically install hardware drivers.
  • Keep encryption intact using the Swimage patented Encryption Handler.
  • Join the PC to the new domain, including Azure AD, Hybrid, or on-premises AD.
  • Automatically map User IDs from domain to domain.
  • Allow for a self-service migration for remote workers.
  • Migrate an entire office simultaneously without impacting the network.
  • Provide full-rollback capability so risk is minimal, and throughput is maximized.

In addition to domain migrations, Swimage, with built-in AI, eliminates nearly all manual tasks in the traditional PC support model. We specialize in creating efficiencies for managing remote endpoints, PC replacements, new provisioning, OS recovery/repairs, imaging, encryption conversion, and malware/ransomware recovery.

To learn more, visit https://www.swimage.com/domain_migration or email us at info@Swimage.com

Innovation Spotlight:
30-Minute PC Recovery

We love to share the news about our innovations.  This month we are highlighting a Swimage 30-minute PC recovery.

Your job is stressful. On top of everything else, you’ve been given a special assignment to prepare a presentation for a very large prospect. You know that if you can knock it out of the park, it will be a career-changer. You know this is nearly impossible, but you think to yourself, “I can do this.” You may need to pull an all-nighter perhaps, but it’s possible. As you progress, it’s looking brighter and you’re proud of your progress. Then the unthinkable– your PC crashes. Its’ a blue screen of death. You restart to no avail. Its’ doomed. It’s after hours, so support is not possible. Besides, you’re at home, so what could they do to fix this? You can’t get a new PC in time. What will you do?

However, you remember that Swimage is enabled on this PC. You start the PC again. This time, selecting “Swimage this PC.” At this moment, you see Swimage begin its magic. It starts with a snapshot, which securely captures your data, settings, and personality. In 10 minutes, you have a new clean image laid down. Drivers are injected and Windows launches. Your applications, which have been discovered, are all reinstalled. It automatically establishes a secure VPN channel to your network and joins the PC to the domain. Data, settings, and personality are restored. A total of 30 minutes has passed and the process completes and allows you to log back in. The PC looks just like it did before. Your applications are all functioning. All of your data is right where you left it. There is nothing left to do now except finish your presentation.

In the background, Swimage has automatically reported the issue to the support desk. “Problem found. PC rebuilt in 30 min. No additional support required.” Ist’ a happy day – a crisis was averted; the company wins a new customer because the project was finished and presented perfectly. Swimage is not a luxury, its’ a necessity.

To learn more, visit https://www.swimage.com/PCrepair or email us at info@Swimage.com.